& … we’re back in Texas y’all !

Howdy y’all !

My love & I are finally back in Texas & it’s been quite a journey to get there …

As you might know (or not) we were living together in London for a few months & last Thursday, the 31st, we were flying out to the USA !

We packed 4 huuuuge suitcases & we were ready to go ! (Okay we actually took weeks & weeks to be able to pack everything …)

I mean … Look at that !

Unknown Unknown-7

(No the bin in the back isn’t part of it)





We had to take the bus & then the train to get to Gatwick Airport & that was definitely not the fun part. It’s crazy how much crap we can accumulate. But it’s still our crap & I couldn’t get ride of anything, I love my crap stuffs !

4:55pm time to take off ! But the pilot decided we would leave with a good 45min late because you know, it’s not like we were super mega excited to be there already.

I couldn’t sleep in the airplane so I watched a movie : Goodbye Christopher Robin. Guess what ? Bad idea, I cried like a baby because I’m extra sensitive & so what ?

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 9.55.08 PM.png

(why does he always get the window side ..?)

Finally got to Boston, MA 7 hours later (7pm local time, midnight in my mind still set on London schedule) & I had to go through immigration. For what I’ve heard, Boston officers aren’t the coolest ones & it takes ages to go through. I guess my stars were with me that day because in 10 minutes I was out looking for our suitcases at the bagage claim where I joined my love.

If you think that was the end, you’re wrong my dear friend !

Because we love waiting & staying at airports all night, we thought booking our next flight at 5am was the best idea (that wasn’t mine I promise, that was his idea). So how to tell you ? I was already so jet lag, exhausted & then I had to catch some sleep in this very comfy airport (totally kidding). That sounds like fun, doesn’t it ? No you’re right, that was TERRIBLE. I barely exaggerate : kids screaming & running around (damn kiddos, it’s midnight go to sleep too), chairs super not comfy & the A/C way too high we were freezing.

Anyway ! 5am time to fly again to our final stop : Dallas, TX !

Texas is home, I could tell you the story another time but I lived there 3 years & I have many memories. Being back with the love of my life was just the best feeling ever !

We got out of the airport & were ready for breakfast ! We went to a place I didn’t know : Starwood Cafe & it was absolutely delicious, would totally recommend that place !!



After that we dropped our stuffs at home & enjoy the day being back ! But of course, in the afternoon I was so tired, I just wanted to go to sleep. We tried to stay awake until 9pm & then we completely passed out !! & because being jet lag is part of the move, at 5am we were ready to start our day & completely awake, impossible to go back to sleep !!

So we just enjoyed the sunrise … (I know that was cheesy …)



Thank you for reading me & stay tuned, another article is coming soon !

J. x



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